We do great design for creative folks... but family always comes 1st.

The world is but a canvas for the imagination.
We weren’t always in the residential building ecosystem.  In fact, we’ve worked on trains, globe trotted the planet, slept on airport floors, and naturally have had a zest for life.  I imagine our craving for either working with phenomenal clients on their dream house, or helping real estate investors get a leg up in a turbulent economic landscape helped shape our passion for residential building.  Though in reality, it all stemmed from an over-zealous need to create and build lego anything really when I was a kid.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have a long list of fantastic mentors within our community, those that have selflessly helped show us the ropes.  We’d like to in-turn share our insight and experience in helping others.  Driven by family values, with the work-ethic of a stampede on steroids, we’d love to help your real estate dreams become a reality.

Residential Building

Building is a 4-dimensional process in which our goal is to align symmetrically with our clients' goals. This takes precision, responsive communication, and the ability to adapt on the fly, while matching problems with solutions every day. At Morrell Property Developments, this process is a hand holding process in which our clients feel comfortable and at ease along the entire journey.

Eye for detail

From the moment we connect with you about your design concepts to the conversation we'll have about what the perfect project looks like to you, we're listening. With laser-like focus and an effort to capture every detail, Morrell Property Developments helps knock it out of the park, every time. Trust that your investment is in good hands.

Strategy & Investing

It all starts with an idea, a collection of thoughts, about how to get a leg up in a turbulent economic environment. While variables change, there's lots to think about... should I build a primary residence, how do I become a real estate investor, should I hire a GC to build a house that I can flip? Am I entering the housing world, or exiting with a portfolio to leverage? Let us help be the housing compass you're looking for.